Hurley and Skidmore Family History


These pages are the product of my research into all branches of my Hurley/Box ancestors and my Skidmore/Rogers ancestors. The information collected will be of most relevance to descendants of Leo (Horace Leopold) Hurley and Marie Frances Box, and Valdis Muriel Rogers and John Skidmore, and may also be useful to anyone interested in family histories, or history in general.

For more than 25 years I have been collecting information from a variety of sources - public and private. I have discovered roots in Australia back to 1820 and links to all parts of Britain: including Devon farmers, Hampshire doctors, Galloway landowners and Staffordshire colliers, many Londoners, some Irish and Welsh, and of course, being an Australian, there is a convict or two. Many organisations and individuals have helped me and are listed on my Resources page. I am extremely grateful to them all.

Ann Hurley

On each page, names in bold will link to their stories