1. Robert Glithero (also Glitherow)

        son of Jeremiah Glitherow  (1713-1773) and Elizabeth Nixon (d.1790) marr. 1741

        grandson of William Glitherow (c1655-1732) and Mary Bellamy (d.1755) marr. 1702

    born 7/10/1749

    died date unknown

    marr. December 1776  Hannah Riddle (b1755)


            i Thomas  bap. 20/10/1777 (marr. Sarah Gamble)

            ii Jeremiah bap. 11/4/1779

            iii Susannah bap. 5/8/1781

2.         iv Elizabeth bap. 8/8/1793

2. Elizabeth Glithero (servant, convict, housewife)

    bap. 8/8/1793 St. Michael’s Church, Great Oakley, Northamptonshire

    died  12/3/1866 Ceres, Victoria, Australia. Buried at Highton Cemetery

    transported to Australia 1820 on the “Lord Wellington”

            arr. 20/1/1820 Sydney, NSW

    marr. 1. June 1810 at Northamptonshire John King

              2. 5/10/1858 at The Blackbrush, Brighton, Tasmania John Tamplin (d. 4/11/1859)


Children by John King:

            i John Glithero King 10/8/1817 Yarwell, Northants.

Children by (unknown) Frisby:

3.        i Elizabeth 1820 Tasmania  

Children by John Tamplin:  

            i John 1822-1906 (marr. Catherine Lynch)

            ii James b. 1824 (marr. Hannah Pryke)

            iii Jane 1826 (marr. Daniel Donnelly)

            iv Hannah 1828

            v William 1830 (marr. Jane Cook)

            vi Sarah 1832 (marr. Thomas Jones)

            vii Eliza 1834-1896 (marr. Robert Luttrell)       

3. Elizabeth Frisby (midwife, dressmaker)

    born 1820 Hobart? Tasmania

    died 23/6/1866 Ceres, Vic. Buried at Highton Cemetery

    marr. 1. 12/10.1834 at Brighton, Tas. Joseph Gubby    

              2. c1842 in Tasmania Patrick Quinn  

              3. c1854 in Ceres, Vic.   James McMurtery          

Children by Joseph Gubby:

            i Joseph 1836 Tas. -c1871 Vic

            ii James 1838 Tas. -1906 Geelong

            iii Ann 1840 Tas. -1903 Bambra (marr. Charles Armistead)

Children by Patrick Quinn:

            i John  1842 Tas. -1922 W.A. (marr. Ellen Dunleavy)

            ii Michael 1843 Tas. 

4.        iii Mary Margaret 1845 Tas. -1917 Terang (marr. John Hurley

           iv Jane 1847 (marr. John Taylor Wood)

            v William 1849 (dead by 1851)

            vi Catherine 1851 Ceres -1933 Leongatha (marr. James Fleming)

Children by James McMurtery:

            i Henry 1854 Ceres

            ii George 1856 Ceres -1934 Birregurra (marr. Sarah Green)

            iii Matthew 1858 Ceres -1932 Henty (marr. Julia Cusack)

            iv Elizabeth 1863-1866