Interesting Branches

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Hurley/Box Ancestors

Surgeon and Administrator (updated)

Sir Thomas Ernest Victor Hurley (1888-1958)

Killed In Action, World War I (updated)

John Cromwell Hurley (1889-1917)

Physician and Lecturer (updated)

Leslie Everton Hurley (1893-1967)

'New Australia' in Paraguay

George Henry Blunden (1855-1947)

'The Musical Wonder'

Sarah Maria Welchman (nee James, 1839-1890)



Skidmore/Rogers Ancestors

Agitators for Reform (updated)

Richard Cobden (1804-1865)

James Edwin Thorald Rogers (1823-1890)

The Australian Cobdens

Henry Andrews Cobden (1813-1858) and his sons

Cobdens in Japan

Charles Henry Cobden (1849-1891)

The Last of the Cobdenites

Helena Mary Carroll Cobden Hirst (1880-1965)

Three Cobden Women (updated)

An Introduction

         Suffragist and Campaigner for Minorities

        Emma Jane Catherine Cobden-Unwin (1851-1947)

        Socialist and Suffragette

        Julia Sarah Anne Cobden-Sanderson (1853-1926)

        Writer and Political Activist (updated)

        Ellen Melicent Cobden (1848-1914)

First Oxford Female Don (updated)

Annie Mary Anne Henley Rogers (1856-1937)

Misses Rogers Ladies’ Establishment (new)

Louisa Rogers (1805-1864)

Elizabeth Rogers (1813-1865)

Physician and Poor Law Reformer (coming soon)

Doctor Joseph Rogers (1820-1889)