Three Cobden women

The radical politician, statesman and champion of the Anti-Corn Law League, Richard Cobden (1804–1865), and his wife, Catherine Anne Williams (1815–1877) had eight children, six of whom survived infancy. The daughters inherited their parents' interest in politics and social justice, and were raised to be considerate of, and work for, those less fortunate than themselves. 

After their father’s early death in 1865, the daughters were active in keeping their father’s memory alive by promoting his principles, and pursuing (particularly Jane and Anne) their own political careers for social reform.  Just as their father had been instrumental in challenging the power and influence of the landed aristocracy, so Jane (Emma Jane Cobden Unwin), Anne (Julia Sarah Anne Cobden-Sanderson), and and Nellie (Ellen Melicent Cobden), sought to challenge any unjust laws of the British government, whether it concerned issues at home or abroad.

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Suffragist and Campaigner for Minorities

Emma Jane Cobden-Unwin (1851-1947)

Socialist and Suffragette

Julia Sarah Anne Cobden-Sanderson (1853-1926)

Writer and Political Activist 

Ellen Melicent Cobden (1848-1914)