Skidmore and Rogers Families

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The Depression, War and Divorce (updated)

John (Jack) Skidmore 1905 -1965

Valdis Muriel Rogers 1901- 1975

Coventry Slaters (updated)

John William Skidmore 1878-1934

Mary Amelia Smith 1878-1952

From Milang to Malvern (updated)

George Vining Rogers 1865-1934

Fanny Caroline Mulcahy 1867-1941

Master Mariner on the Murray (updated)

George Vining Rogers 1832-1910 

Rebecca Jane Fox 1844-1886 

Boot Makers of Clunes (updated)

John Mulcahy 1824-1913

Sarah Payne  1823-1901

A Family Disintegrates (updated)

John Blyth Rogers 1801-1860

Emma Cobden 1800-1836

Iron and Coal in West Bromwich

Ashton and Smith Families

A Long and Productive Life (updated)

Mary Ann Blyth 1783-1873 

George Vining Rogers 1777-1846 

'The Father and Mother of Cobden'

William Cobden 1775-1833

Millicent Amber 1775-1825

The Botanist of Galloway

Andrew Heron of Bargaly d1740

Mary Grahame c1665-1705

Eccentric Doctor of Droxford

William Rogers  1743-1820  

Elizabeth Parry 1738-1802

The Infamous Captain Patrick

Patrick Heron 1690-c1752

Ann Vining 1692-1733 

Mayor of Portsmouth (updated)

John Vining 1659-1743 

Elizabeth 1663-1709 

Bibles, Coal, and Canals

Black Country Skidmores  1600 - 1901