1. Samuel Smith (colliery agent)

    son of John Smith (miner)

    born c.1822 Tividale, Tipton, Staffordshire

    died (after 1891)

    marr. 25/12/1840 Hannah Roberts b.1823 Tipton, Staffs. d.o. James Roberts (miner)


2.        i James Roberts c1843

            ii Elizabeth Roberts c1845

            iii Lucy c1847

            iv Esther Roberts c1851

            v John c1853

            vi Samuel c1855

            vii Hannah c1859

            viii Sarah Mary Ann c1861


2. James Roberts Smith (iron roll turner)

     born c1843 Tipton, Staffordshire

     died 4/8/1890 61 John St. West Bromwich, Staffs.

     marr. 9/12/1867 St. James  West Bromwich, Staffs. Mary Ashton b. 1845                                       

                                                                                         d.o. Job Ashton (victualler) 


            i Edwin Alfred c1870

            ii Hannah c1872

            iii James R. c1873

            iv Arthur c1877

3.         v Mary Amelia 1878 West Bromwich, Staffs.

            vi Harold Augustus c1880

            vii Emma Louisa c1884

            viii Samuel c1887


3. Mary Amelia Smith (dressmaker, boarding-house proprieter)

    born 21/4/1878 John Street West Bromwich, Staffs.

    died 25/11/1952 Austin St. Oakleigh, Vic. cremated at Springvale Crem., Vic.

    marr. 28/9/1902 Carters Green Wesleyan Chapel West Bromwich Staffs. 

                                                                                      John William Skidmore (1878-1934) 

    migrated to Melbourne, Aust. 1912 with two sons, sister and brother-in-law


4.         i John 1905 Coventry, Warwickshire

            ii Harold 1907-1911 Coventry, Warwickshire

            iii Leonard b1910 Coventry, Warwickshire, died 2000 Mornington, Vic.

            iv Maud b.1913 Richmond, Vic. died 1984 Glenhuntly Vic.

            v Arthur 1915 b. Coburg Vic. died 1987 Melbourne Vic.

4. John Skidmore (roof tiler, tile salesman, factory foreman)

      born 28/1/1905 Coventry, Warwickshire

      died 26/1/1965 East Malvern, Vic. cremated Springvale Crematorium

      marr. 22/12/1924 St Agnes, Black Rock, Vic. Valdis Muriel Rogers b.1901

      divorced 7/7/1945 Melbourne, Vic.

    John migrated to Melbourne, Australia with his mother and brother in 1912


            i John Kenneth 1925-2014

            ii Renee Valdis 1926-2007

            iii Joan Ailsa b&d 1927

            iv Brian Leonard 1928-2004

            v Corinne Shirley 1930-2014

            vi Ailsa b.1933

            vii Desmond 1934-1998